The Amazing Adventures of Bill

Sept. 15 , 2007

What I've been doing every waking moment for the last two weeks:

It opened last Thursday:

And OMG, Scott McCloud was there! It's totally his fault that I'm into comics!

And Jon Rosenberg from Goats.

And here's Jen, standing in front of Scott McCloud's 23-foot high, 3-foot wide comic My Obsession with Chess. We managed to show about 15 feet of it.

Here's Scott with some more of the art (including, directly above his head, a Young Bottoms in Love story I scripted).

More of the artwork I spent the last two weeks framing and hanging.

(Note: there's another 30 feet of wallspace filled with art. I won't subject you to all of it.)

Just this shot of the plasma screen, and some Narbonic artwork.

Comics resume tomorrow.

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